Balloons & Confettis

Any celebration of festivities such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and bridal showers is incomplete without decorations and any party decor is incomplete confetti balloons. Traditionally balloons are essential for decorating birthdays for children but today you can find several types and styles of balloons to suit different themes and occasions. With these latest styles of balloons and confettis, children as well as adults like to decorate their houses, rooms, offices etc for special occasions.
Confetti balloons add a touch whimsy to any balloon arrangement. There are a variety of clear balloons filled with confetti for birthdays, gender reveal parties and special occasions. No matter what you are celebrating, confetti balloons, with their unique look, enhance the celebratory mood. There are gold confetti balloons, silver confetti balloons, multicolor confetti balloons and the confetti balloons that match your party theme.
Confetti balloons can be easily mixed and matched with foil and latex balloons to create a custom balloon arrangement by simply adding confetti filled balloons that fit your colour scheme. Confetti balloons are perfect to add to birthday balloon bouquets or as filler in a balloon garland. However you use them, you will experience some balloon magic..
Material and Details of Confetti Balloons:
Confetti balloons are fashionable balloons. They have confetti filled into them. Their translucent material allows you to see the confetti from the outside. Confetti balloons are usually 12 inches in diameter which doesn’t take too much space. You can fill them with helium air to suspend in the room.
When using helium air be sure to shake the balloon or rub on a static carpeted surface so that the confetti spreads evenly around the balloon. These balloons are designed to have a special individual mouthpiece that makes sure the confetti doesn’t get swallowed by the user. The mouthpiece keeps the confetti from ejecting out of the balloon while filling it up with air.
Pack Size:
Confetti balloons come in a variety of designs giving you various options for colours and patterns. The smallest pack of confetti balloons has 10 pieces that are easy to blow. They are enough to decorate a cake table or photo booth for a party.
The bigger packs have 50 to 60 pieces. These are ideal to complete decoration of a medium-sized room or lounge area.
The largest packs have 100 to 124 packs that are used for bigger events. These packs do not contain ribbons to decorate the balloons which means you will have to order those separately when buying these packs.
Party Decor:
Confetti Balloons come in a variety of colours from simple White with Gold confetti and Black with Gold confetti to more exotic Multi coloured ones such as the White & Blue confetti in Rose Gold. The endless options in colours will perfectly match your party theme perfectly. Different coloured balloons such as red, blue, yellow, pink, white etc come with Gold confetti that create an exciting mix and match decor ideal for birthday parties.
Clean Up:
Cleaning up the mess of the confetti can be tiresome which is a major reason why people avoid popping them and release them through the opening instead. There are confetti balloons with glitter that are enjoyed by both children and adults.

Confetti balloons are a great addition to any baby shower and create a stunning backdrop that will excite your guests. Here is a how-to guide for confetti balloons that will help you get the best out of your confetti balloons, including tips on how to get the confetti to adhere to the sides of the balloon.
Confetti balloons are suitable for both air and helium inflation.
Filling a confetti balloon with air is the easiest way to get your confetti to cling to the sides of your balloon but it will not allow it to float.
Helium allows the balloon to float but due to its innate characteristics, the confetti will pool at the bottom of the balloon.
Confetti balloons have a shorter float time due to the added weight of the confetti inside, therefore you should inflate it as close to the event as possible .
Inflating Confetti Balloons with Air
Always inflate the balloons with a balloon pump:
Inflating the balloons by mouth is not recommended due to the small parts inside. Warm moist air from your lungs can also result in condensation inside the balloon and will make them cloudy. In case this happens, don’t worry as they should start to clear after 25-30 minutes.
Make sure the balloon is properly inflated:
Confetti balloons are 12” and if not fully inflated may appear cloudy as the latex has not been stretched enough. Do not over-inflate as the balloon will pop.
Wake the Confetti:
Shake the balloons and rub all sides with a natural fabric such as a wool scarf or sock to create static and spread the confetti evenly.
Inflating Confetti Balloons with Helium
Use a mixture of air and helium:
Fill the balloons with a few puffs of air with a balloon pump and fill the rest with helium. The air will help the confetti cling to the sides of the balloon and the helium will allow it to float. If you are filling it with helium, you will witness that the confetti will pool at the bottom of the balloon and it will be difficult to get it to stick.
Make sure the balloon is properly inflated:
If a balloon is not inflated fully it may not float due to the weight of the confetti inside which is a common reason for confetti balloons not floating. Do not over-inflate as the balloon will pop.
Wake the Confetti:
Shake the balloons and rub all sides with a natural fabric such as a wool scarf or sock to create static and spread the confetti evenly. If you are struggling to get the confetti to stick you have not added enough air and have too much helium inside the balloon.

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Latex balloons have 10 hours float time. Foil balloons have a float time of more than a couple of days. Bubble balloons have a float time of at least 15 hours. Float times depend on a balloon’s type and size.
To enjoy your personalised balloons for a long time, consider the following points.
Keep your balloons in a cool environment as humid and warm temperatures can result in unwanted balloon bursting.
Keep your balloons away from open windows, direct sunlight, animals, sharp objects and children.
Please refrain from inhaling the balloon gas inside your mouth as it is harmful and can cause loss of consciousness!

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