Confetti balloons

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Confetti balloons are a great addition to any festivity for creating a stunning backdrop that will inspire your guests. You can show your creativity by decorating confetti balloons in different ways. Confetti balloons can be inflated with air or helium according to your preferences and how you want to display them.
Confetti balloons are the most technical balloons out there so you have to keep certain things in your mind when you are decorating your home for the party with confetti balloons. Some of the tips and tricks to use confetti balloons are as follows:
If you fill a confetti balloon with air, the confetti will cling to the sides of your balloons; however, the balloon will not float in the air. If you fill it with helium, the balloon will be able to float but the confetti will gather at the bottom of the balloon. Confetti balloons have a shorter float time due to the added weight of the confetti, therefore you should inflate it close to the time of celebration.
Inflating confetti balloons with mouths can be dangerous due to the small ports inside. Also warm moist air from your lungs can cause condensation inside the balloon making them cloudy. The condensation will be removed after a short while (20-30 minutes), so nothing to worry about.
Make sure that the confetti balloon is properly inflated as if it is not fully inflated, it may appear cloudy as it has not been stretched enough. Also be careful not to inflate the balloon too much as it can pop.
To spread the confetti evenly in the balloon, shake or rub all sides of the balloon with a natural fabric such as a sock or wool scarf to create static which will pull the confetti close to the walls of the balloon.
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