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Candles & Lights
Our collection of traditional and flameless candles offers a warm ambiance for all kinds of events and occasions. Using candles in décor for celebration has been a trend we’ve seen for decades, and it has become a style staple that’s not showing any signs of disappearing. We use candles to adore cakes on birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations and other parties. On birthdays, we blow the candles on the cake and make a wish and start the celebration of the party, hence candles play an important role in celebrations.
Traditional Candles Vs LED Flameless Candles:
Though as beautiful as real candles are, there’s always the hazards associated with the real burning flame, especially when you have animals and children in the house; there is also the mess from the dripping wax. Therefore, battery operated LED candles are becoming more and more popular, they provide all the glow of traditional candles without the inconvenience of open flame and messy wax drippings and none of the mess of those candles and there’s no risk of them catching fire. Which is a great win-win deal!
LED Flameless Candles:
If you are a parent or own a pet, flameless candles are a perfect choice. The LED lifelike candles remove worries of messy drippings and there are no hazards of an open flame. Moreover, as flameless candles won’t melt, they will not require replacements, giving you cost-effective and ambient decor.
LED Candles at
We have a vast collection of flameless candles. From large pillar candles to tiny tea lights, we have a flameless candle or set of all sizes. We offer candles in a variety of colours and textures to allow you to make a decorative statement while you rock a party or relax in the warm glow. Our collections have flameless LED candles that include remote controls. Which allows you to illuminate multiple candles with a click of a button, freeing you from systematically turning each one on and off. Most of these remotes feature a convenient time option so you can turn on, set to a time, and have comforting light daily.
LED Candles Decor
If you are someone who prefers a minimalist aesthetic and want to celebrate a special occasion in a perfect way, grey candles work perfectly, place pillar candles within sleek lanterns to add an extra dimension and extra style points. You can place LED candle glass within jars to create the ultimate interior decoration statement. Cream candles inject a sense of rustic charm to create a more traditional look. They are made from wax which makes them look like real candles and some of them even feature the dripping wax effect making it a perfect hassle-free wedding lighting. You will find something for every occasion and theme.
LED Candles for Special Occasions
We have seen the huge trend all over social media; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and wedding styling magazines using candles or lanterns to decorate weddings which look insanely beautiful and there’s no worry of catching something on fire from the cool-to-the-touch LEDs. They make amazing wedding table centrepieces and are fantastic when used with candlesticks around the venue to add ambient lighting. Mixing them into foliage and flowers in your chosen colour scheme to create the dreamiest display.
Cosy candles have been used at religious events such as Shab e miraj and Eid Milad un Nabi and we are seeing a huge trend for embracing nostalgia by creating a traditional aesthetic. With LED flameless candles make this seasonal decorating a breeze and are a simple way to give this traditional style a contemporary twist.
These candles are a great way to add extra seasonal charm by using alphabet candles to spell out your favourite festive phrase or loved ones’ initials. You can also use LED candles as part of your seasonal table centrepiece to make sure your guests get a feast for their eyes as well as their bellies.
It’s widely acknowledged amongst interior designers that decorative items placed in groups with odd numbers creates a more aesthetically pleasing style. Make sure to do this with your candles if you’re displaying a candle set and also use a variety of heights, with the taller candles placed at the back so that they can still all be seen making a perfect decor for the party.
LED Flameless Candles in Pakistan
Whether you’re looking for festive lights or something to brighten up the room all for the special occasion, our range of LED candles have something to offer. Choose a light with a soft, warm glow or something with a twinkle — either way, decorative lighting can help make your home extra inviting for the guests. Browse through our collection of LED flameless candles and place your order to have it delivered at any address in Pakistan.