LED Balloons

LED balloon lights are trending for cool parties these days. They are offered by brands and come in different types which makes it a bit challenging to choose one for your party decor. The simple, ready-made LED balloons have LED lights attached to the inside of the balloon. You can also create LED balloons yourself by buying LED lights and lightweight balloons separately and put them into or around the latex balloons yourself.
LED balloons have LED light attached inside, the neck and the end opposite. You can activate the light by pulling on the paper tab at the mouth of the balloon. The LED lights in the balloons last for up to 15 hours or longer than that. These lights are small in size and not very bright to light up the room with them. They look the best in a darkened room or at night.
These balloons can be inflated with air or helium. However, over inflating them can pop them. The pack of LED balloons come with a measuring band which helps you blow them up to the correct size. As the battery to power the LED lights is attached to the inside of the balloon, opposite to its neck, the inflated balloon tends to inflate with the mouth upwards.
If you inflate LED balloons with helium, they do not float straight upside like normal balloons do, instead they would sway sideways. Also, when the LED balloons run out of battery, they cannot be reused. You might have to squeeze or tap the LED lights to turn them on.
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