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Aqeeqah is a religious ritual performed by Muslims. It is Sadaqah on the safe and healthy birth of a child. It involves the sacrifice of an animal and the distribution of meat to the poor and needy as a way of celebrating new life and showing gratitude to Allah (SWT) for His countless blessings.
Aqeeqah is a means of expressing gratitude to Allah (SWT) for the blessing of having a child. It is also a means of protecting the child from the evil of Shaytan and warding off illness. Although Aqeeqah is not obligatory, it is a highly recommended Sunnah that the Prophet (SAW) and his companions used to perform. The Prophet (PBUH) performed Aqeeqah for the births of Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, his grandsons.
Scholars say that Aqeeqah brings the child closer to Allah (SWT) and serves as a reminder to the parents that their children have rights over them in Islam. Aqeeqah is an occasion worth celebrating with your family and friends. It is when the people who love and care about you and your well being gather together to support and celebrate the healthy and safe delivery.
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