Party poppers

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A party popper is a handheld pyrotechnic device which is commonly used at parties. It emits a loud popping noise due to a small friction-actuated explosive charge that is activated by pulling a string. The explosive charge comes from a small amount of Armstrong’s mixture which is a highly sensitive explosive in the neck of the party popper.
There are less dangerous and explosive party poppers on the market. In these party poppers, the explosive charge is replaced by compressed air. Party poppers which contain explosive charge, they have less than 0.25 grains of explosive. The streamers are non flammable for safe use. The charge or compressed air blows out some confetti or streamers and emits a popping sound which gets the party started. offers party poppers that are safe and easy to use. Our collection of party poppers shoot multicoloured confetti that keep the party living. They are great for adding a festive flair to any party or event. Party poppers are ideal for surprising all your guests with its special colourful effects. Use these party poppers in concerts, parties, school get togethers, birthdays and other events to bring joy and colours to your event. Be content because our party poppers will bring all the fun that you need.
Party poppers are generally listed as a novelty item or trick noisemaker and are sold year-round in party supplies shops. They are considered as “indoor fireworks”. Users are advised to avoid dismantling party poppers due to potential injury and parents are advised to supervise children and instruct them for the proper use. Moreover, users are advised to aim them away from people.
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