Crawling baby birthday balloon large – 1 piece


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This cute Crawling baby birthday balloon has a delightful and elegant shape that will lift up everyone’s mood. Create a big surprise and lots of fun by decorating for parties with this.. It is made of non toxic and safe aluminium foil. It is self sealing, thick and leak-free. In addition to a birthday party decoration, it is a perfect toy for kids. You can reuse it and inflate it over and over again. Enjoy the party Blessings. 


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Crawling baby birthday balloon large – 1 piece

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  • This Crawling Baby Birthday Balloon Large includes all items as shown in the pictures.
  • The items are fun and easy to assemble at home.
  • Delivery is available within 3-5 days all across Pakistan and within 1 day in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
  • Make sure to choose the digit in the custom box as per requirement.


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Crawling baby birthday balloon large – 1 piece